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Forensic Examination of Electronic Storage Device(s)

Recovery of legally admissible and relevant data

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Certified Data Wiping

Secure erasing guarantees the irreversible deletion of data on an electronic storage device.

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IT and Forensics Services

Systems Integration

Our Systems Integration Service is single point IT related solution for organizations. We design IT systems with a proper understanding of organizational needs and we takes care of all the technical and logistic issues involving study, design, specifications, implementation and maintenance.

IT Consulting

We provide consulting services on how to use information technology to achieve organizational goals using the best available cost-effective technology. We help organizations design, implement and smoothly run IT systems.

Research Analysis

NKOSI-TECH can help organizations collect, organize and analyze data.

From the conceptual phase to data collection, data cleaning, data input (including software application), analysis, reporting and dissemination, NKOSI-TECH can provide services in each phase of research analysis.

Project research, monitoring, evaluation and impact analysis are some of the key areas we can work on covering all districts of Nepal.

Software Development

We develop software as solutions. We develop business software, which are not catered by mainstream applications.


We have expertise in both Local Area and Wide Area Networking. We follow international implementation standards. We provide structured cabling services as per TIA/EIA standards. This includes end-to-end cabling for both data and voice.

We can implement networks with High Availability, and minimize network downtime.

Computer Forensic Services

NkosiTech is niche Digital Crime Investigation, Digital Forensic and specialized Information Security services provider having skill mix of Digital Crime Investigators, Digital Forensic Experts and Certified Information Security experts serving customers in Law Enforcement, Enterprises, Government and the growing SME segment.

NkosiTech is probably the only Black owned Computer forensics company in South Africa, which provides a comprehensive basket of services and solutions to prevent, detect and resolve growing Digital Crime and Security incidents including Forensic Investigations and reporting which can be used as a supporting evidence in the court of law if required.

For many organizations and Legal Firms, fact finding, confidential investigation, e-discovery, incident reporting and response are critical before they step out to correct, penalize or take a legal action against the perpetrators.

Upon realizing such need NkosiTech has set up a Digital Forensic Laboratory equipped with relevant Digital Forensic and Investigation tools to cater to such customer requirements. This laboratory is equipped to handle cases pertaining to

With the evident benefits of cloud, NkosiTech offers prevention services including a Managed SIEM and IRM services for Enterprises and SME Sector.

Forensics Services Offered

Digital Forensic

Digital Forensics (also known as Cyber Forensics) is a branch of forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media.

The goal of Digital forensics is to explain the current state of a digital artifact. The term digital artifact can include any system, device or document, which can store or transmit digital information.

Digital forensics is seen more as a tool used to investigate the chain of events once the crime has taken place. But it needs to be seen as a preemptive measure to stop crime or terror incidents. Hence, a two-way consolidated model needs to be put in place to track terrorist activities and curb criminals.

  1. Digital Crime and Fraud Investigation
  2. Digital Forensic Acquisition, Analysis and Reporting
  3. E-Discovery
  4. Forensic as a Service (FaaS)

Digital Forensic Solutions

Setting up Digital Forensic Laboratories & High Technology Crime Investigation Centre's

  1. First Responder Investigation Kit(FRIK)
  2. Computer Forensics
  3. Digital Forensic Analysis
  4. Mobile Forensics
  5. Steganography
  6. Password Recovery
  7. Voice Biometrics
  8. Crime Pattern Visualization & Link Analysis
  9. Wireless Forensics
  10. Packet Interception & Monitoring

Information Security

  1. Incident Response
  2. Managed Information Rights Management (IRM)
  3. Managed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
  4. Security Analytics

Network and Application Penetration Testing

NkosiTech has a unique knowledge and tools in analyzing protocols and reverse engineering applications to ensure that all possible vulnerabilities are discovered and we guaranties that the Security Penetration won't fail when given time to assess and research to discover certain security or configuration issues on the target Network(s) even while your security team is on alert they won't see or detect any intrusion. NkosiTech can test where no programmer has gone before and we are not confined by interfaces or obscure protocols and data. After analyzing the business and technical threats, Nkositech testing services are methodically applied to every component and application (with client approval). This includes network systems, corporate infrastructure proprietary protocols and applications and databases, ensuring a complete analysis of the entire system.

When dealing with proprietary protocols and software, which clients use, solutions are hard to find due to their uniqueness, many business overlook these applications as they do not meet any generic requirements. However this does not mean that they are safe from attacks. It is in this realm that NkosiTech excels.