Automated IT & Forensics Leader Forensic Examination of Electronic Storage Device(s) Certified Data Wiping

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Forensic Examination of Electronic Storage Device(s)

Recovery of legally admissible and relevant data

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Certified Data Wiping

Secure erasing guarantees the irreversible deletion of data on an electronic storage device.

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Meet the Team

People, Skills and Knowledge Capital

NkosiTech operates in a talent and skill intensive industry and leverages its people power to differentiate itself from competition. The company recruits talent from the industry as well as academics. Hiring Standards being stringent ensure good quality people joining the company. Current skills repository is in areas such as Computer and Mobile Forensics, Information Security, Software, Networking, and Information Law. NkosiTech is able to motivate, manage and retain the right talent while optimizing productivity, through robust performance and talent management programs and more importantly challenging work content.

People & Culture are NkosiTech's biggest assets

NkosiTech realizes the value of its people. What they do and how they perform determines the success and worth of any organization. We at NkosiTech believe that approximately 70% of our worth is tied to the Human Capital. NkosiTech employees have a unique DNA and works like a well-knit family.

The culture of any organization relates to behaviour patterns, relationships and way of doing things, which develops over time. It is created by the people that work for the organization. What the organization stands for (its values) and the dreams that it seeks to turn into reality (its vision) are fundamental in creating a dynamic culture. At NkosiTech everyone in the organization shares the same vision, trust and value each other's contribution leading to a 'high performance culture'.

Another major problem facing many companies today is a woeful lack of communication and cooperative effort due to compartmentalization, specialization, and large numbers of employees that rarely (if ever) meet.

At NkosiTech everyone knows everyone else. NkosiTech's people work together as a team to meet growing customer aspirations and demands. It feels like a family at NkosiTech living a work environment that is not only enjoyed by all at the same time delivers success for all.

The Team

NkosiTech's management team and senior executives bring decades of experience and a history of success. This team constantly guides passionate and talented young employees to create innovative solutions and deliver a quality service that aims to help and delight our customers worldwide in line with our vision.